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Cheesy Sweet Reviews:  After nearly 2 years of intensely subtle groundwork and seed planting, admin three has successfully infiltrated the minds of her colleagues with cheese scone chat and cravings. The resulting calendar invite for 'cheese scone crew' was met with open arms, and admin three could not be more stoked to hike to a new desty whilst on the clock to consume a cheesy treat and talk about dough texture for half an hour. Good morning. This scone was yummy, it had a very cheesy punch that was much appreciated. heated not toasted and pottle butter is obviously orange flaggy (orange because if i try hard enough i can change it XD), so no surprise on low crunch factor and lots of soft dough, not as much ratio as we should aspire to. Consuming scones with a large group provided some interesting insights - some colleagues have low standards, some are tops, some don't know the difference between butter and margarine. Whilst easily categorised as 'homemade grandma vibes,' a business case could be made for a return visit with other admins for quality control testing. 7.23/10 scone.  Sept 2022.

Kia ora! Just wondering if you sell vouchers for coffee? We are planning to gift a colleague 2 coffees from your cafe as part of a farewell gift - YES we do!

Their scrambled eggs are perfect (not overdone) and served with a delicious chutney. This place is always popular at lunch time, but I have always managed to find a seat. Great range of food and friendly staff. Outdoor seating on a good weather day. A good place to meet friends.

Cheese Scone Review : Boldly, Home have dispensed with any attempt for height, and are proudly low profile. This does have its advantages, giving more of a table top for a healthy cheese coating. There is an alarming red sash that could have been an overdose of cayenne, but relax, it's just paprika. Sadly a bit of a low crunch factor. No herbs. Evidence of flour manhandling, quite a dense texture. Not too much salt, flavour rather plain, but pleasing level of cheesing, and the paprika is adding a welcome hints.
Pretty good 74.

A nice cafe inside a wonderful building.
If you want to eat something there, go for the scones and the caramel slice. You will be never disappointed.
How to forget about the Quesadillas!!!
A large choice of beverage/coffee and milk!
Love this place!!!

Great local. Coffee is good and cinnabuns are better! Service is always with a smile.

Good coffee, lots of options and make sure you look in the gallery, shop and check out the treaty while you're there

Super busy cafe, long wait for coffee and huge queues. Cool ambient and cozy decor. Spacious with high chairs and good menu.

My fav cafe in Wellington! Folks are kind and the coffee is fine!

Great experience on a miserable day. Friendly staff especially Tommy! Great coffee ☕

These guys have been my home away from home for coffee for the last 3 months while I’ve been here with the Australian Army. Great coffee, great people and great service.

Friendly efficient service, good cabinet selection, great tea, love the floor to ceiling windows which let in plenty of light and the spacious setting. Really convenient location, not far from central Railway Station and beside National library, ticks all the boxes!

Business lunch, good counter food and vibe. Was very popular so tables were limited and noisy, but that was part of a fun atmosphere.

Enjoyed a Reuben sandwich, toasted (suggested by staff) and it was delicious!! Husband had baked potato with sundried tomatoes and feta. Very friendly staff, especially counter staff. This is a busy place but that’s cause food and coffee is so good!

There is often a queue for coffee, which should not be a surprise given that it is, and is surrounded by, public service buildings and therefore lots of public servants needing a coffee fix. The cheese scones are large and tasty.​

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